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One problematic issue around gender equality in the digital space and specifically in the field of Αrtificial Ιntelligence is algorithmic bias. As we have emphasised several times, the digital space is nothing more than a reflection of the society which we live in.

Essentially, the data that power automated decision-making systems through databases (data-driven systems) or programming (code-driven systems) contain information, some of which may be stereotypical, racist, or related to any other bias.

We found the following podcast by Women On Topic’s podcast series very interesting and insightful and we republish it believing that it will help you, like us, to find answers to some questions that you may have about this issue.

@Women On Topic

Podcast title: ”Algorithmic bias: The code of bias”

Published and released by: Women On Top

Participants in the discussion: Stella Kasdagli (Women On Top), Penny Kontogeorgou and Mina Zoulovits (Zoulovits- Kontogeorgou Law Firm)

Podcast lik: https://womenontopic.libsyn.com/website/algorithmic-bias *

*The podcast is provided only in Greek!

Few words about this episode by the publishers…

”What happens when the gender prejudices of a society are integrated into the new technologies that affect our daily lives? What is algorithmic bias and how can we ensure that technology and artificial intelligence work with us to bridge inequalities and not deepen them any further?”

Women on Topic is the first podcast in Greece that deals with the professional empowerment of women and equality in public life. In each episode Women on Top bring out new elements and tools to make work one of the best parts of our lives, they talk to women and men who bring a positive change in the field they love, they explore issues that concern them around discrimination in the workplace and they share news of Women On Top that bring them one step closer to equality and co-creation.

Women On Top* is a non-profit organisation for the professional empowerment of women and equality in public life. The podcast is implemented with the support of Accenture. A production of The Greek Podcast Project.

*We would like to thank Women On Top for letting us republish their podcast!

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