A few words about #Metoo in Greece



In the last decade, the intensive use of the internet and the birth of social media have changed forever the way we communicate and express ourselves, becoming, among other things, tools for the promotion of feminist ideas, while providing the ground for a global dialogue on issues. but also the opportunity for every person who has access to the internet to take part. A typical example is the election of Julia Gillard as Prime Minister of Australia in 2010, Twitter or Facebook are often turned into fields of exchange of views friendly to women and equality.

In 2017, #MeToo, the first organised feminist online campaign, broke out in Hollywood, exposing many stories of gender-based violence, vindicating many survivors and generally having a global impact. It even managed to reward victims of sexual harassment / violence, which is a great victory for the feminist movement. In Greek society only in January 2021 and after the revelations of the Olympian Sofia Bekatorou, the #MeToo movement exercised substantial influence for the first time. It was sweeping. She gave the courage to famous and non-famous people to speak openly, but also to take legal action. At the same time, it gave the opportunity to start discussions on legislative changes related to sexual offenses in order to optimise the protection of survivors / survivors of gender-based violence. However, questions such as “why did #Metoo appear in Greece 3 years later?”, “Why did the Greek movement focus on sports and acting?” “How do journalists repeatedly ask actors if sexual harassment only affects the field of acting, covering their home, since obviously these behaviors do not concern specific professional spaces but society as a whole?” or even “was it fashionable and passed?”.

We will focus on the last question – since the previous ones were raised for reflection and food for thought for all of us – and we will shout a resounding “NO”! #MeToo is not a trend or anything else that may have been heard from time to time in order to degrade it possibly, but the need we had to go one step further to unite our voices and claim equality and humanity. We are not going to let the power that filled us fade and we will continue to be inspired by #MeToo because we wanted it to be the occasion for CHANGE and not the break in what we live!

We repost the video “My name is not a doll” by Humade Crafts Workshop- Lesvos Solidarity.

“Memory, freedom, strength, love, determination, tenderness, generosity, dynamism, affection. “I, my sister, believe in you. We will go together, united. For life and change, spring and liberation. “Just take a deep breath.”

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