DATAWO’s participation in Φylis AUTh summer camp



On 27 August 2021 we participated in the first feminist camp of Φylis AUTh making a presentation on digital feminism.

Φylis AUTh, the Student Association for Gender and Equality (ΦΥΛ.ΙΣ.) is an independent non-profit association without party or financial character. It was founded at the beginning of the academic year 2020-21 by a group of students of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, based in the University. The goals of Φylis are: the promotion of gender equality, the promotion of Gender Studies, the strengthening of support mechanisms, the emergence of feminist identity, promoting interdisciplinarity with the aim of an inclusive feminist movement, while the action it develops is informative, research but also social and activist.

The feminist camp about female empowerment organised by Φylis took place at the Skouras Camp in Nea Fokaia, Halkidiki, and was held from 26 to 29 August. The purpose of organising this camp was Φylis to redefine the term of female empowerment, break down the ongoing struggle for productivity and dominance that ends in turning us against our own sisters and comrades, with a focus on interdisciplinarity, redemption with their bodies and building a bond of strength and confidence, based on experiential gender experiences. The program included training presentations on gender issues and interdisciplinarity, open discussions on contemporary femininity issues, and experiential workshops such as yoga. The program was based on the creation of a safe space for the participants, who had the opportunity to share their personal experiences, and for this reason, the program was limited to participation by females.

Our presentation was about the modern version of feminism in 2021, digital feminism, explaining the term and its extensions, making the distinction from online feminism, giving more emphasis on the forms of gender-based violence in the digital age that we have identified , as well as focusing on the empowerment of females in the field of technology. Below, you can find some slides from our presentation.

It was our pleasure and honor to participate in this Φylis action, which we warmly thank for the invitation!

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