DATAWO’s participation to the event ”Women in Tech Greece” organised by EDYTE



On 29 March 2022, Anastasia Karagianni, co-founder of DATAWO, participated in the event “Women in Tech Greece” organised by the National Network of Technology and Research Infrastructures (EDYTE SA – GRNET S.A.), a body of the Ministry of Digital Government.

The event was held online with the participation of the Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, responsible for Demographic Policy and Family, Ms. Maria Syregela, and the Professor of NTUA and President of EDYTE SA, Mr. Stefanos Kollias. The event ended with the presentation of the conclusions by Mrs. Eugenia Lokana, Head of the Digital Capacities Department EDYTE. The following is a summary of the conclusions:

– Significant steps have been taken in terms of information and employment of women in the field of technology. However, the percentages of their professional employment in the sector are even lower than those of men.

-While there is an increase in the percentage of women who choose to pursue higher education in the field of technology, and even though they graduate from schools in the field of technology, the percentage who continue their career in this field is small, while it is often observed that they choose to work in other fields. In the technology sector, both in terms of salaries and hierarchies, women are held in lower-level roles and positions of responsibility compared to their male counterparts.

– In recent years, more and more organisations and initiatives are created and developed in order to promote the education of girls and young women in technological fields, with a great response, highlighting an upward trend in the professional involvement of women in this field. In this direction, the presentations of the initiatives made in the context of the event highlighted the different ways to empower women in the field of Technology.

-In order to actively support and develop this effort, it is important to create more actions by Public and educational bodies and to develop synergies between all stakeholders. At the same time, it is important to promote positive female role models as well as education and mentoring from the early school stages. The aim is to inform more girls and young women about career opportunities in the fields of technology, reinforcing the breaking down of stereotypes regarding the position of women in the fields of technology. The above can further contribute to the impact and success of the initiative to raise awareness and encourage women for their involvement and development in the field of technology.

You can watch the event at the following link, as well as the posts of the participants here.

Following the first event, within the framework of the “Women in Tech Greece” Initiative, the next one will soon follow with the aim of strengthening the awareness campaign through the contribution of different partners. We would like to thank once again EDYTE for the invitation and the great collaboration!

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