DATAWO- update



The last weeks were very packed for us, since we are in a stage where we are re-programming ourselves, our organisation (our team is growing thanks to the help of our volunteers!), but we would like to share with you a brief update about what was going on!


  1. On 2 June 2023, in the context of the Safe At Work project on sexual harassment at work, we participated in informing new lawyers and law students at Athens Law School about the existing legal framework. In addition, we presented key research findings and had a broad discussion on the legal framework and sexual harassment in the workplace.
  2. On 17 June 2023, we had the pleasure to speak at the Live A Legacy 2023 event organised by the Women On Top. Female and male speakers from different professional and scientific fields referred to their own paths and experiences, as well as to the gender stereotypes they have encountered in their workplaces, but also to how they themselves contribute in practice to the achievement of a crucial goal for gender equality in the professional arena.
  3. On 19 June 2023, we were in MozFest House in Amsterdam organised by the Mozilla Foundation. MozFest House is a local extension of MozFest, the premiere gathering for activists, artists, technologists, and educators in diverse global movements fighting for a more humane digital world. It was amazing that we were there and met finally all these great people in person!
  4. On 21 June 2023, we had the honor to participate in the side event of the Summer Academy organised by the Brussels Privacy Hub of the Vrije University of Brussels. Together with the European Digital Rights Institution, the European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) , and Future of Privacy Forum, we had the opportunity to interact with the participants of the Academy and share our work on the digital rights field from a practical angle. Special thanks to Barbara Lazarotto for the invitation and excellent organisation!
  5. On 21 June 2023, we hosted an event on sexual harassment in the workplace together with our amazing partners, ActionAid Hellas and Women On Top in Thessaloniki, at the Youth Hub of ActionAid Hellas!
  6. We are so proud to share that we are part of the Reclaim Coalition!!! After some months working together with Panorama Global (we don’t have the words to express our gratitude for this collaboration and their huge support) and all these great organisations being involved, we officially launch our Reclaim Coalition! We have built this with passion, care. and lots of respect and love and we will keep working on image-based sexual, and sexist violence!

We are on fire! Stay tuned for what is coming!