Break off for summer holidays!



As you may have already noticed, we are in summer mοde. We will officially take some days off for our retreat. We believe that living-and working- constantly online requires a few “days off” cutting off any online connection.

However, we won’t leave you without food for thought… You can check out the DFF’s newsletter “Access to Justice on data protection” that is referring to our work – we are so grateful for our collaboration with DFF– as well as our Books and Films recommendations updated list -thanks to our amazing volunteer Stamatina Argyri! <3

One of the processes we have been working on internally was the growth of our organisation with the help of our volunteers the rest of whom will be introduced to you in the coming days from September and on.

Before wishing you a JOYFUL summer, we would like to make you sure that we are working on advocacy issues of image-based sexual and sexist violence, as well as on gender equality issues coming up in the digital era…Stay tuned!

In the meantime, we would highly appreciate your support via the donation you can now make! You can find the “heart button” at the bottom right of the page.

We wholeheartedly wish you a physically and mentally restful August. Be kind to yourselves and to others- users or not of Internet/social media/digital means.

See you in September and THANK you for your support!

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