ANOTHER BODY film release




October is the European month for Cyber-security. We decided to celebrate it this year by supporting the campaign against deepfakes and recommend you watch the documentary ANOTHER BODY. ANOTHER BODY will be released in select theaters and online from 20 October. More information can be found at

The film ANOTHER BODY follows a college student’s searchfor answers and justice after she discovers deepfakepornography of herself circulating online. Through candidvideo diaries, synthetic media, and 2D and 3D animation,the film takes you into Taylor’s online and offline worlds,humanizing a vast social issue in a compelling personalstory. Deepfake videos are fake, but their impacts are all too real. Most victims don’t know who their anonymous perpetratoris or how many people have seen these videos; so theirlives shrink, their circle of trust gets tighter, their onlinepresence smaller. This is what Amnesty International calls“the silencing effect.ANOTHER BODY shows how these ideas play out across alife and charts the extraordinary strength it takes to fightagainst these social impulses.

ANOTHER BODY, the @sxsw Award Winning documentary opens in New York City on 20 October at @ifccenter, on 17 October in LA at @laemmletheatres, on 24 November in London at @curzoncinemas. On Apple TV & Amazon Prime Video alongside the theatrical release. Tickets will be available at

Directors @sophietaracompton and @urghreub and producer @esewoodward present ANOTHER BODY a thriller-like, true crime story with a powerful emotional core.

#MyImageMyChoice is an impact campaign by the producers of ANOTHER BODY, that amplifies the voices of intimate image abuse survivors. Starting as a grassroots project, it has gone on to have an outsized impact, working with over 30 survivors as well as organisations including The White House, Bumble, World Economic Forum and survivor coalitions. We’re working to create a global shift in consciousness via:

  • Awareness:overturning the shaming and silencing survivors face and sparking a global conversation.
  • Legislation: campaigning for the right legislation to address this issue, and working to #BlockMrDeepfakes and the 3000 sites dedicated to intimate image abuse
  • Education: ensuring the new generation of students schools understand digital consent, and survivors get support. We want every young woman growing up online to know that they have agency over their image and digital identity.

KEY MESSAGING: We are campaigning for governments, tech platforms, internet service providers and credit card compa-nies (like Google, Verizon, Visa) to #BlockMrDeepfakes and the 3000+ sites dedicated to abusing women online. These sites are becoming thriving commercial ventures based off of violating’ consent, and big companies are profiting.

OUR PROPOSED ACTIONS: Sign our petition to #BlockMrDeepfakes (over 54,000+ have already signed).Send a template email to Google, Verizon, ATT, Fios, Visa asking them to block MrDeepfakes on their services.(In speaking to major tech firms we know that if they receive 500+ emails from the public in 72 hours, they sit up and listen). Share personal stories of intimate image via text-to-video AI abuse withy us (either publicly or anonymously) or by using the online platform

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